Our services.

Faisability studies

Analyze the needs of our customers and help them define their specifications for digitizing their business process.


Support our clients in the design of their business digitization process.


Assist our customers in the implementation of their business process and integration into their information system.


Develop mobile, Web and IoT applications that innovate and create added value for our customers by digitizing their business process.

Digital for financial inclusion

iLinkWorld !

Unlike europe, north america and parts of asia, addressing in most African cities is non-existent.

According to a study of the GSMA published in 2016, the evolution of mobile money and mobile banking in Africa, faces the difficulty of keeping active the physical agent points that are created. This anarchic development, causes the disappearance of 50% of these points. In addition, the location of these physical points are not known by users, despite the many services available there. Our challenge is to bring together by digital, and geolocation the users of these physical agents.

Our Platform.

iLinkWorld offers several services in Africa, Europe and Middle East.

Our platform

iLinkWorld is the only platform that consolidates the physical agent points of all networks in Africa and Africa, for users of mobile money, international electronic money transfer, mobile banking, prepayment TV, Prepayment / Payment water and electricity, Courier Express.

Our location

The holding company of ilink World Corporation, abbreviated as iWC, is headquartered in France :
60 Avenue jean jaurès Batiment H 5eme ETAGE F , 93310 le Pré saint-gervais , Région Parisienne

Whatsapp : 00 33 6 66 44 05 27 Phone : 00 33 6 66 44 05 27 e-mail : contact@ilink-app.com  

Our services in Research and Development

The teams are divided between France, Cameroon, Gabon and Kenya.

Our governance

Our company is governed by an executive and strategic committee of 10 members of different nationality and culture (8 Africans (Nigerians, Cameroonians, Gabonese) and 2 French). the Executive Committee is chaired by an African.

Subsidiaries and Representations

  1. Burkina Faso
  2. Cameroon
  3. Congo
  4. Ivory coast
  5. United Arab Emirates (Dubaï)
  6. France
  7. Gabon
  8. Ghana
  9. Kenya
  10. Nigeria
  11. Mali
  12. Senegal
  13. DRC


  • 60 Avenue jean jaurès Batiment H 5eme ETAGE F , 93310 le Pré saint-gervais , Région Parisienne
  • contact@ilink-app.com
  • Phone : 00 33 6 66 44 05 27
  • Whatsapp : 00 33 6 66 44 05 27

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